Your Life.

Close your eyes
Take a deep breathe
And relax

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Now do something for me…

Let your mind wonder.
What’s your first thought?

Next think about your past.
What do you regret?

Now focus on the present day.
How do you feel inside, deep down?

And your future
Who’s beside you?

Stay relaxed
And open your eyes.

Think about it…
Where is your life headed?
Do you see a point in all of this?

Question 1: Your thoughts are never the same. What you think is how you feel.

Question 2: Regret nothing. Mistakes are what make you smarter. If you would have never done something wrong then you wouldn’t know today, not to do it.

Question 3: I don’t know how you feel, but I sure do know what I’m going through. Tell someone you trust, if you don’t trust anyone then gain it because no matter how terrible it is you have to let it all out. Build up just makes it worse.

Question 4: The people that make to your future are incredible, keep a hold of them. One day you’re going to need someone and there they’ll be.

Question 5: You’ll never know where god will take you, until you’re already there. Just be pre-pared for where ever you may end up.

Question 6: Some say no, in the end we all die. Which is very true, but someday it will get better. Life’s a rollercoaster that you can’t get off of until it completely drops. And when it all comes to an end, your going to wish you did more with you life.

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