He’s tall and elegant, with dark brown hair, and hazel eyes that couldn’t hide a lie.

A smile that could tell his whole story, with draped freckles to show off his imperfections. But he’s not just a face. He’s a jokester, without a stage. A racer without a race. He’s the host of a selfless heart, but the inheritor of self centered thoughts. A free will with chains. A people pleaser, who only displeases himself.

He’s my supporter when we’re on the field, or when I’m too stubborn to let something go. He’s my go to for the late night drives, or when he attempts to drift on a rainy day. He sees things for what they are, not what they could be. You can try all day long to change his mind, but when it’s set, he’s done for.

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If you happen to see him out on the street, be sure to compliment him on his socks, his pride and joy I should say, and even a compliment on his Vans wouldn’t hurt. He couldn’t give a care about what’s to come the day after tomorrow, but if it’s standing right in front of him, he either rebels or cowers in its presence. He’s the perfect procrastinator. You can try to sell him a good deal, but he’ll expose your flaws within minutes.

He can talk for hours about his dream car, the Dodge Viper. Along with, preaching to me about computers, and still be completely satisfied knowing all his breaths went to waste. He can go on and on about his Ford Ranger pick up that’s 13 years old, and still runs like a champ. Speaking of champ though, for those who may know my average Joe, I know you know him as the jokester, the one who always has to make everyone laugh. The guy who doesn’t give a care about hardly anything. But your average Joe, behind the front he puts up, he’s hard working, loving, and yet a casually sneaky boy scout, who earned his Eagle Scout this summer, showing off his morals, and all kinds of knots, square knot being his favorite. He’s taken 13 years worth of learning towards earning this, and he’s finally done it. But not only did he work hard earning his Eagle Scout but, school in general, everything he does shows whatever he’s got going for him is worth the look. He’s a graduating senior this year, with four honor classes, earning a (B) or higher in each. If that doesn’t catch your eye, I don’t know what will. But now that you know a little more about Joe, If you happen to see him around, feel free to say hi.

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