Wonder by R.J. Placaio

Number of stars (1 to 5): I give this book five stars!

In this book, you will read about a boy who has a facial disorder that prevents him from going to a public school. Until this year, when he starts fifth grade. He will attend Beecher Academy.

Description and summary of content
In this book there is a character named August but people call him Auggie for short. He will be starting school at a public school this year. He has been homeschooled his whole entire life. He will start his fifth grade year at Beecher Academy, before school starts the principle Mr.Tushman calls a few students to be Auggies “ friends “ and one of them happen to be Auggies best friend now. His names jack. Jack was the first person the be called to be Auggies “friend” and he told his mom he didn’t want to be his friend because he would be the laughing stalk in the 5th grade. “JACK!!!!” said jacks mom. “What? all I said was I didn’t want to be the laughing stalk in the 5th grade “said jack. “ I thought I raised you better than that, how about you think about it for a while I mean you still have two weeks until school” said his mom. Later that night jack went down to the kitchen “I’ll do it” “what? “A long moment of silence is in the room. The first day of school came around and jack was Auggies partner for everything. Until Halloween when jack said something terrible about Auggie. He didn’t mean to say it. Then he started feeling bad about it. Then there was this one kid who has talking bad about Auggie saying he was a freak and he was deformed witch was true he did have a facial problem but jack didn’t care jack actually wanted to be his friend he texted Auggie and said “hey look I know I messed up, and I- I just wanted to say I’m sorry for saying that, I didn’t mean to say it like that” “it’s okay, I get talked about all the time” said Auggie. Well at the end of the story they grow up and go to high school and jack and Auggie are great friends still.

I do like this book for 1. The way it’s written and 2. I like books that involves a case of bullying and how it’s revolved. I do recommend this book for someone how has been bullied before or is being bullied because it tells you an amazing story on how a kid has been bullied all his life until jack came into it.

Conclusion In my conclusion this is a great book and I recommend reading it!!!