Windows 2000

Windows 2000 system has got four log types. There is the System; this records the services which were started and failed. It also records when the system is shutdown and when it is restarted. The second log type is the Security. This one records logon into the computer. It also records access and changes and user privileges. The third is the Application. This one logs the different applications as they are launched to the Operating System. The fourth log type is the DNS Server .When running, the DNS server has got all messages sent by it to the computer. In Linux systems, the root directory contains the log files. This is the basic point of origin for the directory’s structure. It has got subdirectories (Edwards, pp126).

System slow down can be caused by a number of factors. When there is additional logging to the number of requests a server can handle, the system is slowed down. In addition, if the size of the hard drive is small, this will cause the system to respond slowly. The specifications of the bus type (SCSI versus IDE) and the power of the CPU on the server may also slow down the system. System slow down can be solved by increasing the space of the hard drive, and limiting the number of loggings to what the server can handle. This will enable the system to run on recommended terms as it is set (Edwards, pp 133).

When auditing a company conducting its business over the web, the audit report should entail a statement showing the security that is in place at that time, indicating whether it is high or low. It should also give an estimation of the period a casual hacker would take to accomplish his actions, thus backing the strength of the system in place. In the summary of the report, there should be recommendations, and also a detailed outline of how you conducted your auditing. The recommendation should give details on how the security would be more efficient on login accounts and services (Edwards, pp146).

If the company you are auditing has got limited resources to meet your recommendations, you could suggest to them to they get the latest updates of the operating system they use. This would enable their system to be much more protected. Also, when dealing with the router, they should try as much as possible to restrict any physical access to it. This is so to ensure the router does not succumb to putting forth denial-of-service attacks.

Normally, when required to present your recommendations to the IT manager and the Company Board of trustees, it is advisable to produce two reports. One should have the full technical advice, while the other should explain in simple English what your recommendations are. This is because of the differences in technical levels and it creates better understanding of what is being said.