Why is it that people drink, smoke, or do drugs? Many of us can ask that but, do we really stop and think why? Have we done something to help them out? Many of us can say no to these questions. Many times the reason why people are who they are is because of us. They are rejected, discriminated, and bullied. They feel like they’re not anyone in life, that they are not needed. Sometimes the little things could help them. A simple hello or how are you? Most of the time, it’s not that they want to be it’s who they are. They just need help. They need a motivation. In relationships when their alcoholic the first thing they do is leave them. Cheat on them. Is that how we are trying to help them? Instead of leaving them why not stay with them and help them fight that battle? Be their motivation to be a better person. Let’s all try our best to make this world a better place.