When love ends

Two years ago from right now I was in a hospital. I had been aback and forth twice a day, visiting my best friend. He had pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver and stomach. We all knew he was going to die, but we were just holding on for the time that we did have. He was one of those people that you meet and never want to let go. He was my life changer. His name was Scott and he was my father figure. He was a basketball coach and a PE coach and he taught every student in my entire school. I remember that I would stop by the hospital every single day, twice on most days, we would talk in the morning, text during the day, and then I would go and see him at night. We played cards while I sat on his bed, read scripture to each other, and shared funny stories about the past.

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The day of January 27, 2012 was just like any other day the past few months. I stopped by his room in the hospital during my first period class. He asked everyone to leave the room where it was just he and I. He looked worse then usual, face skinner, skin yellowing, it made me nervous. He took my hand as I began to gently weep because I didn’t want to hear what he said. He put all his strength into telling me how much he loved me and how important I was too him. I was only able to say one thing, “I love you.” He told me that he loved me too, his mother took me outside of his room and said, that she wanted me not to come back again all night.

Later that night I got a call that he was about to pass. I went against his mothers orders and came to the hospital. My mother and father drove me, but I did not go in. I stayed outside of his room until his soul left. I waited in the hallway of that cold and haunted hospital until the sun came up the next day.

You don’t realize how much you will truly miss someone till they are gone forever. I will see him one day, but until that glorious day comes, I will honor his memory every year, month, and day. I love you Scott and miss you more than imaginable.

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