To be resurrected is to return to life, while being reborn is to enter it anew, like the Phoenix from the flame. To be reincarnated is an oft-gambled, if justified experience, in that it is poetic and interpretive, yet is not a matter of perception but of reality. To transcend death is to become something more, and even among the dead, there is life.
Even when your body is gone, its components decayed and its molecules dispersed, the energy lives on, indestructible. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, and human energy is no exception. The ideals you spread, the choices you make: these are what live on forever. Feed the mouths of others today, and you are feeding your soul for tomorrow.
In death, there is life, for we leave behind a solid legacy, a perpetual influence in the air and within the breaths betwixt humans. Create a legacy for yourself that would be looked upon favorably by those who will never know your name, but will forever feel the impact of your decisions. Remember this, because what matters is not what you take to your final rest, but what you leave behind you when you go.

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