The American flag to me is the most sacred thing we have in America. This piece of cloth represents the land of the free and the home of the brave and much more. It means we stand united as one, an unbreakable machine that will never stop and will always be running. It means we don’t back down from a challenge, no matter how big or how small, we will get through it together as one. It means that we earned our freedom, a lot of lives were lost earning it but we are free and the flag represents that.

This flag is somewhere in the hearts of every single American. We as Americans all have a common goal, we want to be free, that’s why we have survived for 239 years. It’s not just that we want to be free we want to live and be able to do things we want, not be in a communist country where you can’t even breath without someone knowing about it. The flag is the reason we’re not a communist country because it provides something to fight for and believe in.

When I think of the flag I think of honor and glory, I think about the brave men and women who lost their lives to protect and preserve our freedom. And the fact that no one asked them to put their lives on the line but they still do, because of the flag, that has to say something.

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Every time I look at the American flag I think of all these things, and it reminds me that even with all the bad stuff going on in America. We can all look at the flag and have the exact same feelings about it that’s why i’m grateful that I live in America and that’s what the flag represents to me.

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