What is Time Management?

Effective time management is one of the most essential tools required by students in order to enable them succeed when studying at university. Time management enables students to succeed academically as well as in life. Varga (2011) also emphasizes that effective time management is critical for academic excellence. Therefore, this essay reviews various tools for effective time management techniques that students can use in order to attain academic excellence. Moreover, it provides brief definitions of the major terms, such as time management, distracters, and goals that are used in the assignment, and also outlines the importance of time management for the students. It also provides a summary of the main points described in the assignment.

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Definition of Concepts


Deadline refers to the time limit, in which a given activity should be carried out or a particular goal should be accomplished.


Delegation refers to the process of assigning less strenuous and demanding tasks to a third party, who is capable of accomplishing the task as required.


A distracter refers to any activity or anything that is likely to divert or redirect the attention of an individual; thus, preventing him/her from accomplishing his/her set goals.

Time management

Time management refers to the process of identifying and defining various activities that should be accomplished and developing the appropriate ways and techniques of accomplishing them. According to Bird (2011), time management is the process of planning, organizing, and scheduling of activities for the purpose of accomplishing them in the most effective and efficient way.

Importance of Time Management for Effective Learning

Time management is one of the most important tools that students can use to improve their performance while studying at university. Firstly, time management is important because it enables students to prioritize their learning activities, as well as work. This helps students in identifying the most important activities that should be done first; for example, finishing homework or assignments in order to go out with friends. Time management helps students in accomplishing the most important activities that are time sensitive first.

Secondly, time management helps students to finish huge loads of work within a short period of time. Time management facilitates proper arrangement and scheduling of all the work that should be completed and equitable allocation of the available time. Thus, each activity is completed within the right time.

Thirdly, time management facilitates doing high quality work. Good time management allows for proper planning and also for adequate focus on the activities to be done; hence, the quality of completed work is highly improved.

Fourthly, time management enables students to keep track of their daily activities, such as attending classes on time, going for extracurricular activities, and entertainments. Keeping track of activities to be accomplished facilitates focusing on the goals to be achieved. This also promotes academic excellence, as well as personal growth and development

Moreover, time management also increases self discipline. Proper time management facilitates management of oneself; thus, leading to higher levels of discipline (Foss, 2013). For example, the student, who manages his time properly, will often finish his/her assignments on time.

BarriersEncountered During Time Management

Some of the major challenges that are likely to be encountered by the students during the time management practices include lack of proper planning and scheduling of activities, presence of distracters, such as television, and friends that are likely to divert the attention of the student when studying, and lack of adequate focus on the activities and goals to be accomplished. Lack of strict adherence to the schedule of activities and inequitable allocation of time are also major challenges during time management.

Techniques for Time Management for University Students

Some of the major techniques that students can use to effectively manage their time include effective planning, setting goals, setting deadlines, spending the right time on the right activity, prioritizing of tasks and delegating duties and responsibilities.

Effective Planning

Effective planning involves setting a schedule of activities that should be carried out and allocating appropriate time for each activity; for example, students may prepare a “To Do List” or a “Tasks Plan” that outlines the various activities that should be accomplished within a given period of time. On the “To Do List”, the activities with greater importance and urgency should top the list, whereas the activities that are less important or urgent should come last. Each activity must have a specified deadline, by which it should be completed.

Setting Goals and Objectives

This involves determining the goals and objectives that should be accomplished. The goals set can be further broken down into the sub-goals or smaller tasks that would facilitate attainment of the main goals. Students should be encouraged to set realistic and achievable goals.

Setting Deadlines

A deadline refers to a specific date, on which a particular goal, objective, or task should be attained or accomplished. Students should set deadlines in order to enable them finish assignments and attain set goals within the specified time. Deadlines also push students to work harder in order to attain the set goals.

Delegation of Duties and Responsibilities

Delegation refers to the assignment or handing over of certain duties and responsibilities to a third party, who is capable of accomplishing them. University students may also delegate some duties and responsibilities, such as cleaning the house, to their younger brothers/sisters in order to create more time for studying. In my opinion, delegation would enable students to reduce their workload; hence, be able to focus on the specific activities that are more important for the academic success.

Prioritization of Tasks

Prioritization of tasks refers to the process of arranging tasks to be carried out in order of their importance and urgency, starting with the most important and urgent ones. Prioritization of tasks helps in tackling the most important issues first. This facilitates academic excellence.

Spending the Right Time on the Right Activity

The last but not the least, university students should develop the habit of doing the right activity at the right time. Doing the right thing at the right time helps in minimizing time wastage; hence, facilitates the attainment of the set goals.


I would emphasize that effective time management is essential for academic excellence among university students. Therefore, students should adopt and deploy appropriate time management techniques and be highly focused in order to fully utilize their time.

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