What is the True Meaning of Beauty?

Did you know girls start dieting and worrying about their appearance by the age of 10, sometimes even 9? Society is creating such a big lie about what “true beauty” is. But, what is society even? On www.merriam-webster.com their defintion of society is “people who are fashionable and wealthy”.

Society makes you think you need the perfect body, causing self-conscious women to get plastic surgery, cake on make-up, diet like no other and have those body hugging, name brand clothes.

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What is beautiful about any of that?

Gisele Bundchen is a Victoria’s Secret Model. She stated that an old woman came up to her when she was 14 and told her she would never be on the cover of a magazine because her eyes and face were too small and her nose was too big. Later that year, she was discovered to do a fashion show for her nearest mall. Over the years, things have changed, she’s gotten plastic surgery and other operations. But, the fact that she was told she could never be on a magazine cover because of certain qualities just proves people care too much about girls outer appearance than what their inner beauty is.

Bundchen isn’t the only celebrity being judged on her qualities. Kate Winslet did a photoshoot for one of her movie posters. She saw the final product and saw that the editors had airbrushed and photoshopped her wrinkles on her forehead. She commented on the poster and said “ I’d rather be seen as older, than stoned.” The way the editors photoshopped just caused her face to looked smeared and well, stoned.

Look at many of these magazines and movie posters. They photoshop so much that some of the celebrities cannot even tell it is them or are disgusted by the final product.Jennifer Lawrence also did a photoshoot and did not like the final product. The magazine company, Flare, made Lawrence look half her size. “Somebody told me I was fat, and that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight.” Lawrence stated about her troubles. After the harsh comments and dieting, Lawrence stepped up and said “If we’re regulating cigarettes, sex, and cuss words because of the effect it has on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?” People need to learn from our youth, little kids don’t judge other kids for what they look like. As you grow up, you start to worry about what others think and you start to judge others. If people would stop and realize the person they’re judging is a real person too, they could actually kind of regulate people getting judged about how they look.

All around the world girls are depressed and self-conscious but they clearly are not doing too much about it. People don’t always realize how bad of an impact these magazines are putting on girls. Movements around the world could be started to help girls realize that those are just magazines and every single one of them is beautiful in their own ways. There really is no true meaning of beauty, it comes in all shapes and sizes. If anything, beauty is what comes from within.

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