What if my Prince Charming doesn’t exist? What if he just never shows up? What if it isn’t in my cards to find him? What if? Sure some people have unrealistic views of the type of guy they want but maybe just an elite few are meant to actually have a happily ever after. Maybe, certain people have already been chosen because of their redeeming qualities. The only problem with that is who decides what redeeming qualities are? Personally, I know only a few people who I believe have redeeming qualities and seem to have gotten their fairytale ending. But mostly, I watch girls who seem to get everything and are snobby, rude, and egotistical, receive multiple offers to be their Prince Charming. And every day I see beautiful girls, both on the inside and out, be overlooked. Why? Is it because not everyone wants to date them? Or because they have standards? I don’t know. I wish I did, though. The only answer I have is that just like the possibility of predetermined girls, maybe there are predetermined boys who have a different view of what they want their princess to be. Perhaps normal, beautiful, kind girls with find that their Prince Charming exists after all.

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