How does marijuana help people? It helps witha lot of things like PTSD,stress,anger,depression,ADD,and ADHD. However there are some downfalls to it. Like loss of memory,and not the best for lungs either.

According to Medical Daily, One reason marijuana is not a gateway drug is that there are many health benefits of marijuana “(Rivas)”. No matter how you ingest marijuana, there are possible side effects to the drug pro-pot advocates will claim they’re never as bad as pharmaceutical side effects, including anxiety and paranoia. These effects can subsequently lead to a higher blood pressure, arrhythmia, and other effects common to anxiety. In this way, it isa gamble when taking marijuana however may experience the opposite effect: calm, relaxation, and happiness.For people with post-traumatic stress disorder or as we know it PTSD. one of the worst possible anxiety disorders. Marijuana might be able to help with relieving some of the symptoms. Although there is a low % of human research into the association, anecdotal evidence is heavy, and states, such as Main and New Hampshire, have begun allowing its use. The Department of Health and Human Services also signed off recently, on a study to test its benefits in PTSD patients.The use of marijuana for anxiety disorders, and just plain stress, comes from the fact that the brain naturally produces cannabinoids, which are the active chemicals in marijuana namely, delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC and what help regulate how fear is processed in the brain.

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Marijuana is considered a gateway drug because we was always taught the “the drug” Marijuana is as bad as the others. So when people try smoking weed they are like “oh this isn’t so bad so im gonna try this”. Weed wasn’t so bad so why would the other stuff be. As we were growing up we were lied to about drugs. D.E.A.R. categorise Marijuana as all the other drugs out there an put it in our hrad that they’re all equally bad. So when people try it they think that wasn’t so bad s0 they lied to me so what else did they lie to me about? Let’s try this and that and that’s when people really start doing damage to themselves and others. But it has been proven that weed is away to get off the other drugs like Crack, CoC, Myth,H,LSD,and alot more weed does do more good then bad but we need to be taught these thing so people do know the difference between them all. Also if you are caught with weed its a ticket but if your caught with something else that’s a felony not just a little slap on the wrist.