Children of this generation have become desensitized to violence because of the media. On the news, radio, or internet, various forms of media allow young people to view poignant news. According to the A.C. Nielsen Company, they corroborate that the number of violent acts seen on TV by age eighteen of a child’s life is 200,000 acts.

The comprehensive coverage on violence can install fear in older children and garble young children as they try to comprehend why violence occurs. The media chooses to cover violence but it doesn’t send out a strong message to condone violence. News reporters often take a phlegmatic approach when covering a violent story. When children see how calm and relaxed they are, they will begin to think nothing of it. In addition, when media arrives live on a crime scene and shows film footage, it can inundate viewers and bring back tragic memories.

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The media needs to turn to a more zealous approach and cover positive stories that affect the community. This will encourage others to be active and create a sense of family. Using half of your news cast to report violence and what is wrong with the world is fruitless. People come home from work and want to hear something sanguine, not discouraging. In addition they don’t want to worry about what their children are watching if they leave the room. Making parents coerce their children from watching the news is unnecessary. The media reflects the mood in the community; therefore, it needs to stop the violent coverage.

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