Vampire Kisses book 1

The new kind of Twilight that reached the selves on 2009, Vampire Kisses (Published by HarperCollins and Copyrighted by Ellen Schreiber) is a home-run best thing and must be read by anyone who loves any vampire books or movies. When you start reading, you won’t stop till you see the end of all the books.

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The first book tells about how Raven, a goth girl with an obsession for vampires, who lives with a couple with the opposite view in live from Raven. They lived in an apartment that was covered with peace signs, lava lamps, and glow in the dark posters. They lived there and would watch Dracula movies at midnight.

That was the start of Raven’s happiness, that is until they had a new kid in their lives. They put Raven in school and moved into a new house in dullsville. She always would imagine herself as a vampire and would never go to places that is open in the daytime and would use her flying skills to get away from the boring town. But it never happened.

As years went by, Raven made new friends and enemies. One of her friend (named Becky, who lives on a farm on the other side of town) would act as her anti-goth conscience and try to talk her out of certain stuff such as going to parties that isn’t meant for them to go in. Then there is her enemy (Trevor, a jock whose father owns almost every piece of land in town), who would treat everyone like trash and have a different date every week. Trevor is a huge threat to Raven’s life, but she would reverse the odds to make it her strength.

But all that changed when someone moved into the old mansion up on the hill. As Raven meets the owner, her life changes when she learns the horrible and amazing truth of the owner: The truth of him being a full blooded vampire.

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