To start with, Utopia is an island which has very unique characteristics. Consistently, it is described as an island where property ownership is communal. More to this point, properties are stored in a common place and people can only access them on request. It can also be noted that, the security status in this land is at a very high level. The major source of income in Utopia is agriculture. In the same line of thought, jobs are shared equally between men and women. It therefore comes out clearly that people living in this land are very hard working. For this reason, poverty is history to these people since everyone is employed. Apart from this, people in this land are also involved in other business like weaving, carpentry and masonry. Surprisingly, slavery is also dominant in Utopia but the offenders can be released on condition of good behavior. In connection with this, simplicity is what rules the law of this land whereby all laws are stated clearly and in an understandable manner.

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Women in Utopia seem to have more freedom compared to those in the 16th century. From a broader point of view, women have almost equal rights with men. For instance, in farming the work is shared equally and everyone is expected to work hard. Along with this, women in Utopia are also elected as priests in the church. Apart from this, they are also allowed to participate in elections and even military activities (More 64). It therefore comes out clearly that women in the Island of utopia have the ability to control the activities being carried out just as men do.

Nevertheless, women in utopia have as well experienced major challenges which has made them be rated second best all the time. So to speak, a good number of women are housewives because they are mostly concerned with household duties as their major activities (More 59). Just to mention a few, these activities include cooking, organizing tables and bringing up children. It can therefore be noted that, a girl child in this community is limited to what the society thinks is the best for her in terms of physical activities.

In consistent with this, in the essential businesses which every member of the utopian community must be involved women mostly do specific jobs like weaving. On the other hand, men are left with the most demanding jobs like masonry and carpentry (More 51). In essence, women are referred as weak and cannot be in a position to handle such tasking activities. To be specific, women are not allowed to do jobs that require a lot of energy.

Even though, in Utopia Island priests are allowed to marry and divorce, only widowed women can be priests. However, the widows allowed to take these positions are actually very few compared to the men (More 59). Following this point, young women and married women cannot be allowed to serve in religious leadership positions. So to articulate, women in Utopia are not given equal priority in religious issues in the society.

Actually, during the thanksgiving festivals that marks the end of each year or month women and men take positions. As a result, women are placed on the left hand and men on the right. Apart from this, women are also supposed to stand before their husbands who were the heads of the families (More 72). Significantly, the position of women in the temple also depicts their positions in the society. In this context, women are not entitled for inheritance instead all the inheritances inform of job specialization is passed on from fathers to sons.

Besides, it is mandatory for women to subordinate to men. In the same line of thought, women are expected to confess their evil deeds to the heads of the families at least one time in a month. This shows that married women are in fact under the control of their husbands and they must consult them before doing anything. In reality, women are not in a position to make an independent decision. All they do is follow the directions given out by men. Consequently, in case of any crime committed by the married women, it is the husbands who decide the kind of punishment to be given (More 85).

Above and beyond, women in utopia have a lot of freedom as compared to the women in the contemporary world .So to speak, Utopian women do the same work in the field with men each working six hours a day. Additionally, women in utopia also enjoy the privilege of holding leadership positions in the church as priests. Apart from this, they also experience major challenges which make them lesser beings compared to men. In fact, utopia women cannot be allowed to participate in certain essential activities which require a lot physical strength.

It therefore follows that; women can only be allowed to carry out simple actions like weaving instead of masonry and carpentry. Concurrently, only few widowed women can be allowed to be priests with the rest being men. Finally, women in Utopia Island must confess the evil doings to their husbands at least once in a month. It therefore comes out clearly that utopian women are superior in the secular world but inferior religiously.

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