Unsafe Behind The Wheel

States should place more driving restrictions for teens that are under twenty-three because car crashes are the leading cause death for teenagers. This is because teenagers misuse their privileges for driving and because they text and joke around too much while driving. Considering facts and recent studies it is proven elders can’t multitask let alone teenagers. Sometimes they try and end up in horrible situations. I personally think that driving is an awesome privilege. But it should be taken care of and handled with care.

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Crashes are the main causes for deaths because teenagers like to show off their speed. Thing is, as soon as American teens get their driver’s license they go for a spin with as many friends as can cram into the car. But with mounting evidence of high risk of teenagers for car accidents, more states are legislating away carefree cruise. They are also imposing tougher restrictions on how and when teens can drive-and who they can take with them. Right now, 15 states and Washington D.C prohibit unsupervised teenagers from driving with another teenager. In 44 other states the law prohibits teenagers from driving with more than one teen. In NJ, which has held the highest licensing age, 17- lawmakers have pushed it further. NJ now requires drivers under 21 to attach a red decal to their license plates to make it easier to spot them. It also helps the police enforce an eleven o’ clock curfew on them.

Teenagers misuse their privileges for driving by doing illegal things behind the law and behind their parent’s backs. Lawmakers around the nation say that restrictions are necessary in light of some alarming statistics. Car crashes are the leading cause of teenage deaths. Teenagers have a crash rate that is four times higher than older drivers. Studies have shown that teenagers tend to overrate their driving skills. They also underrate risks on the road. A 2011 study shows that restrictions for young drivers lead to a higher incidence of fatal
accidents for young eighteen year old drivers. This is mostly because of their curiosity and lack of knowledge to distinguish between good and bad.

Regarding texting and joking around while driving it would be said that teens play loud music and take phone calls while driving instead of pulling over. They also have trouble multi-tasking. This causes teenagers to take their attention off the road therefore causing an accident. Teenage drivers risk of crashes increase 44 percent with one teen passenger and quadruples of three or more due to a recent study. Two thirds of crashes happen to teens while another teen is driving. Few states have bans on cell phones while driving. Others are moving towards this goal and other restrictions. But mostly these kind of restrictions do not affect drivers over 21.

Concluding I would say that Teenagers should not be able to drive without an adult till age 19. Even though this is my opinion I would say that this should become a law. Sometimes older teens ask if you want a ride home. At the moment you think it would be cool to be seen with an older teen in a car. But later on you realize that it can be dangerous. Even though your house is not that far sometimes you take the offer. But other times you would rather just say no and keep walking.

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