UGLIES book review

In Uglyville, every person, known as an Ugly, looks forward to is their 16th birthday. It’s not because they get to have an amazing party, it’s because they are finally old enough to have the plastic surgery to become a Pretty. In their society, being an Ugly means you are a nobody.

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Tally Youngblood is just a few months away from turning 16, and she can’t wait. All of her friends had already turned Pretty and moved into New Pretty Town. Then, she meets Shay, who is her age and has the same birthday as her. They instantly become friends because they had so much in common, the adventurous spirit and the habit of being very opinionated. A few days before their birthday, Shay runs away. Since it was Tally’s dream to become a Pretty, she went on with the operation. Except there was one thing standing between her and her Pretty self, turning in Shay, who did not want to return or be forced into the surgery.

I think Scott Westerfeld, the author of Uglies, does a fantastic job making a fantasy story sound so realistic. He makes up things such as flying hoverboards, listening walls, and talking bridges sound so normal, you would think it existed in life today. I never got bored while writing this book because every page has action and adventure in it. I think the best thing Scott Westerfeld did was make the main character, Tally, so adventurous, brave, and afraid of absolutely nothing which is really what makes this book so intriguing.

I give this book a 5 out 5 star rating because it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s amazing and has a very futuristic feel. I highly recommend this book to teenage girls who like adventure and mystery with a twist of fantasy in their books.

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