Tyrell by Coe Booth

Tyreel is about a teen that can’t get a break of his life.His dad in jail.His mom’s no help.His brother is just a kid.Tyrell is just trying to make it out alive.This book is very interesting its won the Los Angeles times book prize.

He come up with a plan.It could save him or backfire completely.Tyrell doesn’t really have a choice.With everyone relying on him he can’t rely on anyone but himself.Tyrell got a lot going on.He’s got to figure out fast what he’s going to do next before he gets in deep he can’t get back out again.He seems to be adding more problems.

Tyrell is struggling he has no money and no stable home.Just a youngster trying to make it out.Trying to help his mom out with what he can.Tyrell has the mind of a grown man he tries everything to get money for him and his family.For example,he does something that can either get him killed or in jail.

After his DJ father is incarcerated for drug dealing, 15-year-old Tyrell, his brother and his mother are rendered homeless and move to a slummy city shelter in the Bronx. His mom’s ineffectual attempts at keeping the family afloat financially and emotionally soon fall flat, and Tyrell is forced to take the family’s situation into his own hands. Inspired by his father, he decides to throw a secret dance party in an abandoned bus garage with a steep admission charge guaranteed to boost his family’s income. Booth, a writing consultant for the NYC Housing Authority, clearly understands how teens living on the edge—in shelters, in projects, on the street—live, talk and survive. It’s the slick street language of these tough but lovable characters and her gritty landscapes that will capture the interests of urban fiction. fans. While the complex party-planning plotline doesn’t exactly cut a straight path, its convoluted-ness undoubtedly illustrates the kinds of obstacles these teens must overcome and the connections they need to make in order to survive—inside or outside the law.

I recommend this book a lot,it is mind blowing.This book has taught me to not believe everything that is told.If your really into this book bronxwood is the next book.