Twlight by Stephenie Meyer


Drink, smoke, party, pass out, repeat. This is the basic lifestyle of many teenagers in high school. Whether its walking through the hallways, sitting in class or walking through the lunchroom line, my body cringes like crumpled paper as I hear conversations amongst others that deal with alcohol or drugs. It was just two days ago I witnessed an illegal exchange between two people I have never met. After witnessing this, my eyes were wide, like a deer in the headlights, and my mouth formed a shocked expression. This isn’t the first time I’ve been a bystander to this kind of incident.

Another standard of high school is dealing with people not having any morals. At my school there are certain hallways you never want to walk down because of the very public display of affection between peers. Not only do I feel uncomfortable walking through these hallways, but teachers and other students do as well. I personally do not understand why kids my age feel the need to physically and publicly share their love for each other in school. If more kids had a better understanding of their morals in today’s age, us students, and teachers wouldn’t have to deal with those uncomfortable situations.

One of the biggest issues in high school is labeling. In high school there are the: jocks, preps, nerds, druggies, etc. I understand not everybody will like each other, but we should have enough respect for our peers by not labeling them and being civilized with each other. Almost every day, there is a news announcement saying someone committed suicides due to bullying. That someone is normally in high school.

After my second time reading the entire twilight series, I’ve noticed that I’m not and will never be a typical teenager who falls under these high school standards. Before going into high school, I must admit I thought I was going to end up as a typical teenager, but after my first time reading the complete series I felt as if I didn’t need to do those things in order to fit in. In fact, I’d rather stand out than fit in with the crowd. Personally, I feel like Bella stood out in these stories because of her personality that was so calm, forgiving and nice and because of her high level of intelligence. Bella , for me, was an example of someone I would like to be in high school; someone who is noticed for their achievements rather than their downfalls.

I know people interpret this series as a simplistic love story, but it is so much more than that. This story also shows characters that have morals and goals in life, like getting into a higher college like Duke. Overall I would just like to thank Stephanie Myers, the author of the Twilight Saga, for writing a remarkable book that changed my views on high school and led me to a wonderful four years of school.