How would you feel if you were 17 years old on probation for trespassing and vandalism of George Washington High School and going to prison the day you turn 18 for being falsely accused of harming the girl your in love with and the girl of your dreams? Tyler Miller is a down-to-earth sweet and innocent guy, and after getting bullied and screwed over, he finally gets tired of it. This is an inspiring story of a boy becoming a man and finding himself. Tyler must overcome and prove his innocence and fight through all the obstacles in life without even one person by his side.
Tyler Miller is 6’3 ft 195 pounds and a 17 year old senior at George Washington High School. Tyler has bulging muscles and is completely ripped. He’s the nice guy that has no luck and ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. ‘“We are investigating an incident that took place at a party Friday night… But from evidence it is clear Tyler was there”’ (Anderson 144). Tyler, just wants to be accepted for who he is and what he wants to become in life.
The main conflict within this novel is Tyler vs. the world. He goes through extreme stages in his life, as seen in the quote ‘“I stuck the gun deeper in my mouth, pointed up at the target”’ (Anderson 211). His main enemy is Chip Mulbury and his true love is Chip’s younger sister Bethany Mulbury. This is the story of a young man’s life and how to overcome the obstacles, along the way, no matter what effect it may cause or the impact it will have on you.
I would strongly recommend this book to anyone, because it is an intense story of a boy’s life and all the incidents within. This is a story you can relate to and learn from. This book is also very good for young men or male teenagers, because it tells you the story of Tyler Miller finding himself and becoming a man. Twisted, gives you advice to succeed and make it past even the toughest problems in life. Sometimes, we all come to a point in life where you may need help, but have nowhere or no one to turn to; this book shows you how to fight through and still be yourself. It shows you how to behave right even if your past isn’t perfect. It shows the consequences in life as well for the mistakes you make. Twisted is an incredible story that everyone can enjoy.