Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer, is a realistic fiction novel that takes place in Forks, Washington. The minute I saw the front and read the back covers of the book, I was immediately drawn and interested in it. The author doesn’t say exactly about when this novel takes place, but I’m thinking it takes place in modern times.

Bella Swan is the main character in this novel and in addition to this, the novel is told in her point of view. 17-year-old Bella isn’t this girly girl everyone thinks she is; she’s outgoing, curious, adventurous, and so much more. The author leaves out Bella’s description and appearance because she wanted the readers to step into Bella’s shoes as they hear her story. Bella’s parents are divorced, and when she has to go out and live with her father, Charlie, she feels she’ll get another chance to get see him after the long years she hasn’t seen him. Now, Bella has to start fresh at Forks High School in the middle of her junior year, but begins making friends; Jessica, Angela, Eric, Tyler, and Mike. Bella is distant with some of her friends and doesn’t pay much attention to them. They really don’t appear too much in the story, mainly in the beginning.

Then there are The Cullens, a family of vampires who consist of Edward, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. The students at FHS make it seem as though this group of vampires is the bad guys, but they are actually the good ones. When Bella starts getting close with Edward, they begin having feelings for one another. Edward is smart, quick, and is a character that can easily make you fall in love with. There is also Jacob Black, a boy Bella grew up playing with but is also a werewolf. Jacob is so cute and is just ugh! He is brave, strong, protective, and loving all at the same time. Although Bella and Edward are kinds of a thing, Jacob still tries to grasps Bella’s attention because he has feelings for her too. At some point, this was a competition about who Bella would pick… Edward vs. Jacob. JACOB any day!!!!

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In the second paragraph, I explained part of the story, but not everything. When Bella first found out Edward was a vampire, she was afraid he was going to do something to her, but little did she know he’s not that way anymore. She knew he was different than what they say in the myths. Later on in the book, the Cullens find out that the Nomads are coming to hunt Bella. The Nomads are a group of 3 vampires who believe in the traditional way of life for vampires, to drink human blood. This group consists of James, Victoria, and Laurent, all bad vampires in this time. Eventually, Bella is then cornered and surrenders because she feels that the Nomads have her mother hostage, but they are just using that to lure her in. Before James could kill Bella, the Cullens come in and try to save her, but James ends up biting Bella sending poison taking over her. Edward quickly sucks the venom out of Bella’s arm in which it was injected and kept her from being a vampire. After the attack, Bella expresses her feelings to Edward and tells him she wants to become a vampire, but Edward couldn’t let her do that. This book is actually a movie that came out in 2008 and is just as great as the book, maybe even better.
To conclude, I enjoyed every last bit of this novel! It was so intriguing and it leaves you wanting to read chapter after chapter to see what happens next. Meyer is definitely one of my favorite authors because as one, she always knows how to keep the reader entertained which is one of the reasons why she is so great at what she does. She makes things so realistic and so descriptive that you feel you’re there with the character or characters throughout the whole thing. This book does have a few parts that dragged a little, but they soon start to build up into something suspenseful. I honestly think whoever enjoys adventure and romantic books would definitely enjoy this book as much as I did.

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