I’m not going to say I hate Twilight. I used to love the Twilight Saga for one or two years. But then I realized the stories weren’t that good. One reason I don’t like the Twilight Saga is because of the characters, mainly Bella Swan.

Throughout the entire first book of the saga, Bella has been described as ordinary. If she is so ordinary, why do most of the guys in the school instantly fall in love with here on her first day of school? And the fact that Jessica and Lauren are somewhat jealous of Bella.

In the second book, New Moon, after Edward left Bella, she acts as if she can’t live without a boyfriend. I mean, sure, it’s her first break up, it’s going to hurt. But then she goes jumping off cliffs. Bella’s character is basically saying that “You can’t live without a boyfriend.”

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Another reason would have to be the good and the bad guys. I’ve noticed that only the bad guys seem to die in the series. James, Laurent, Victoria; the list goes on.

Bella also almost dies in each book. Twilight: James tries to kill her. New Moon: Laurent tries to kill her, then she jumps off a cliff.

Eclipse: Victoria tries to kill her. Breaking Dawn: She almost dies when giving birth to her demon baby, then again when the Volturi attacks. Each time, none of the bad guys die. Only the bad guys. I personally love a story that has the ability to make me cry when one of my favorite characters die.

And lastly, the vampires and the werewolves.

I believe that Stephanie Meyers ruined the vampire and werewolf reputation. Vampires do not sparkle in the sun or drink animal blood and werewolves don’t shift whenever they want or when mad.

Regular vampires can only come out at night and only drink human blood to survive. Werewolves can only shift on a full moon. Now, ever since Twilight, Stephanie has turned vampires into sparkling fairy princesses and werewolves into wimpy shape shifters.

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