This was the most badly written books I have ever had the misfortune to put my hands upon.
When the boring, overly-perfect, shallow Bella Swan comes to live in the tiny town (there just had to be a tiny town to make the book even less realistic) of Forks, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with a vampire.
Good for you, Bella.
Enter the shiny, beautiful, egotistical, perfect Edward Cullen. As Bella falls for him, she notices that he does the same to her. But he always seems to be leaning away.
(Of course. As if this book wasn’t terrible enough, the love of Bella’s life has to brea her heart.)
Ater a near death incident, Edward begins to open up, taking Bella to a meadow where he shows her he can ‘sparkle’. Sparkle. Seriously.
The book just goes downhill from here. Bella has to run away from an evil vampire, Edward comes with her, professes his love, blah, blah, blah. Could the ending have been any more predictable, and the book any more anticlimactic?
Another thing that I loath about this book is the weakness Bella shows. No, not the fact that Edward is an all-powerful vampire and she a puny human, but the fact that when she says no to something he does it anyways and she lets him.
(By the way, the prologue has nothing to do with the book.)
I know there are thousands of Twilight fans out there, and I write this not to insult you, but to insult the book you choose to read. There are hundreds of book that contain so much better writing, so much better plots. Why choose this book that is unrealistic even for a supernatural romance, whose characters are shallow and egotistical, and whose writing is stilted beyond belief.
I for one, would not care if Edward Cullen jumped off a cliff.

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