After moving away from the Western sunshine of Phoenix, AZ to the Olympic Peninsula of Northwester Washington sate to a town called Forks that was almost always hidden under a constant cover of haze, Isabella Swan had isolated herself to her own personal hell. It was there that her eyes first graced the inhumanly beauty of Edward Cullen. At first glance she was well aware that she was on her way to being obsessed with him. And after a trip to La Push with her new friends from Forks High School, there was one thing Bella Swan was almost absolutely sure of—Forks had a coven of vampires. Bella is falling madly in love with a vampire that thirsts for her blood. With Bella finding herself lost in a world of mythical creators, she realizes anything is possible. She puts her life on the line by being with Edward and even for her family.
Bella Swan is at the tender age of seventeen when she decides to move to Forks with her father; however, her mother always said she was born thirty five and that she gets more middle aged every year. Bella is ivory-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes, beautiful eyes. She was always thin, but soft. She was not an athlete; she lacked the necessary hand-eye coordination.
Bella has always been more of a loner, not fitting in with people her age, or people in general for that matter. She has horrible hand-eye coordination, which is why she hates gym. However, she is exceptionally smart and knows how to keep her priorities in order. Bella is strong-willed and will not let anything get in her way of achieving her goals. She tends to worry about what certain people (Edward, and his family) think of her. She is a very caring young girl, particularly over her mom, dad, and the Cullen family.
I would recommend this book. I loved it. It was very well written. I felt like I could really relate to the characters in the book—they were all very round, complex, characters. Although it was a fictional story line, Meyers holds your suspension of belief amazingly by keeping everything true to the storyline. She doesn’t push the fictional parts of the story to far. However, the first couple of paragraphs were long and boring. They could have been condensed down without a problem, I think.

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