Why is it that small things in such a big world can make one feel so emotional and strong. Other things can make one fall to their knees, no because they want to but because that’s what they must do. Not because they were forced but because they felt the need to stare up at the sky and pour there heart out to a passing bird or a fallen feather.

Watching the past brought both sadness and happiness to my present. The way they treated one and another was both fierce and forceful and beautiful and caring. They’re thoughts and passions are the same as there futures, us.

Good and evil were to entirely different aspects but both emerged which one would win? The question often argues back and forth in are minds when we sleep and when we wake. Without realizing this we hear the words constantly in different languages and different ways of saying such words.

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But now I stand in the present ready for future, nerves, but ready. Difficulty, anger, madness, emotions, drama, passion, and terror, won’t keep me from the truth. Love is the truth and always will be.

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