Love it is not a myth its true and It magical, special, and happiness, it comes in all shapes an sizes and can’t be fund easily and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are you will find it one day and when you do don’t let it go defend it like you would with your life, I’m 18 years old and have found love once when i was 12 with this boy named Matthew he meant the world to me and still does. We have been threw a lot in the past 7 years but we aren’t together we don’t speak but i no I’m in his hear as well he is in mine,Love is the only thing we have that is close to magic and i wont tel no one take thought from me, people talk but there opinion’s shouldn’t matter only believe whats in your heart because its the only thing that stays true to you,Another thing don’t fall for the wrong person for the wrong reasons let the person love you for who your are and what you stand for,my love for Matthew will always be true love because we helped each other and proceted one another and i wouldn’t change him for the world or give it back, Find the person that make you laugh hard cry when your happy to jus see him look at you and love n hold him/or her like no other you never no when it might find you, maybe once,maybe twice, but always for ever:)True love always

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