A safety and health system is an essential component of every business and it is the task of the employer to take care of it. It is impossible to succeed without a favorable work environment, and thus it is necessary to create and gradually implement a certain safety program that will prevent your employees from the undesired injuries and serious illnesses.

The main components of a successful system include the following aspects as having managers, who are dedicated to their work; hard-working employees, who are aware of the safety system and its issues; also conducting proper training in case of hazards and teaching the basics of safe work and its regular practices; moreover, continuous improvement of the safety system and its update are also important aspects. All these components must be regularly observed and strengthened in case there is a necessity to do this.

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How to improve the safety and health system for your business?

Devote enough time to commitment. (Include all the aspects concerning the safety and health system in the business plan, create and implement special policy, organize special meetings, encourage your employees, and etc.).
Involve employees and show that their role and participation are important. (Encourage employees for their active participation in meetings and discussions concerning the safety and health system in your organization; create a special position to take care of the safety policy keeping and observance, value feedback and encourage it).
Recognize and control all the hazards (Learn how to determine and deal with various types of the hazards, review the basic records on this matter, be aware of all the modern developments and innovations, take care of the protective equipment and other safety measures, check whether your employees follow all the safety measures, make a regular job hazard analysis, have exact measures and safety plans in case of various hazards)

It is also necessary to:

Train Your Employees and make them aware of all the possible types of hazards
Support and follow all the components of the culture of safety
Remember to continually improve the health and safety system

Future trends and challenges in HR management include making this system more flexible and competitive, besides, it is important to follow the laws of the modern labor force, and consider such essential aspects and tends as organizational strategy, constant increase and growth, and the unstable nature of employment relationships. It is a real struggle to define, who will become a part of the workforce in future. This problem can be solved by paying more attention to the aging, diverse workforces, and also the main weak arrears that exist in the workforce.

The main challenges include the following:

Constantly changing environment (demographics, work force diversity, large-scale economical & technological changes, the impact of globalization, the need to perform organization restructuring and partially change the nature of work.
New role of the HR manager (HR manager will have to deal with such aspects as the importance of the team work and its implementation in the HR management system, ethical management and the empowerment of the employees)

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