Train Right, Don't Bite

Animal cruelty is no laughing matter. Everything you do with your dog has an impact, from the moment you pick them up to the day you have to put them down. Really, animal cruelty results many times from the inability or the refusal to train them. This canresult in violence with the canine, which can cause it to be seized or even euthanized. That is why it is important to know what to do in each new situation regarding your dog.

I once had a pet dog. I loved that creature with all of my heart, as all dog owners should do. I can’t say the same, however, for my father. The way he treated that dog, you’d think that it had personally offended him by some means. He treated that dog like a punching bag, and we all saw the effects it had on that poor animal. A few short months after we received him, we noticed his hair was falling out. Some weeks after that, he bit anyone that came close. In the end, we had to put my pet down, due to the dumb mistakes made by my father. This was a terribly tragic incident, and I would love to prevent anyone else from undergoing this process. So pay close attention, and listen to me preach for a second.

Really, you want to have more of a friendship with your dog than an ownership. Man’s best friend should really be man’s best friend. They don’t assign titles like that for no reason. This means you let your pet have their own free reign, which may mean being allowed on the couch, or even just having free access to the back yard. When they use the restroom, reward them. Whether it is a scratch behind the ears or a treat, it will teach them that only good things come from doing their business outside. If their solid waste ever looks off, you should always check to make sure that everything is healthy regarding your dog. Many times if there is a problem with the defecation, then it is a problem with the food. That is why it is also important to research and find the perfect food for your friend. The recommended food is different depending on things like what breed the dog is, or even just the size. Thinking that you can simply feed your pet from the dinner table is sickening. Caring for a pet the right way is very important, and something that many should take more seriously.

If pet owners would follow my instructions, their dogs will be in tip top shape in no time at all. Training is really nothing to worry about as long as you don’t make any dumb mistakes. They’ll have their dog up and about, and not have to worry about them attacking any little boy or girl. I know that makes me happy, seeing a dog that is so well-trained that it can be around little children and not have to keep an ever-present eye on them. Following these steps will ensure the certainty that those with pets will never have them seized, and will never have to worry about their little friend going in for euthanasia.