Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear is a great book to read about a boy named Cole who commits lots of crimes and doesn’t care about any body or any thing. The breaks into a hardware store and someone from school named peter saw him a told so Cole had to go to a detention center and Cole was mad so he smashed his head against a sidewalk. So the justice system decides that he’s done enough and they give him a choice either go to prison or a island for one year so he chooses the island The book takes place at the home town of Cole and than for the rest of the book is in the island where he has to survive. When Cole arrives at the island he thinks he will be able to escape by swimming but the water is to cold so he swims back and starts a fire by burning the shelter Garvey built for him. When he saw the spirit bear he tried to kill it but he fought back and attacked Cole and Cole was begging for him to stop and Cole was injured very badly then the bear stopped. So now Coles trying to get all the energy he can so he can get up he ate a live mouse and then he threw up and ate that. But later Garvey found him and rushed him to the hospital where he was treated but then when he was healed he had to go back to the island.

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The characters in this book are Cole who is my favorite because I like top watch him change and see what he is going to do next. Cole’s choices and actions are believable because there are plenty of people that are abused by there parents and turn out bad like Cole. Cole compared to other characters is a way different thing because Cole is mean and not nice to anybody and doesn’t care while all the other characters in the book are trying to help him change. There’s also Garvey, Peter, Coles mom and Coles dad.

I would recommend this book to any one who likes realistic fiction because it’s a great book and you don’t know what will happen next. I like that the author had the characters act and there actions and choices. My opinion on this author is that he is good at making a conversation or having a character do something and how it affects the other characters in the book.

I give this book four stars out of five. Because it is a great book to read and has a great story line but it’s kind of hard to get started with.

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