Here’s something you might need to know, or already DO know.. Just do it. Throw away your phone; no one will care to talk to you. Unplug your fridge; your appetite is history. Give your bed to someone who ACTUALLY sleeps. Pack up your clothes; prepare yourself for the streets. Might as well change your name; no one knows you anymore. You’ve turned into such a comfortable liar that no one can stand being around you, listening to your pathetic excuses and lies. Say your last goodbyes while you still can. You know how possible it is to get one batch that can kill you from one hit, or turn you mentally crazy for the rest of your life? Throw away your life, while you’re still able to have that last grip on it, because it will never be the same. You’re done for. Give up all that you have left, it wont stick around for long, and it’s not worth suffering… just to find your next fix, over and over again. Choke on your pride, hopes, and dreams; they’re all long gone. You don’t have that light to guide you home, or even just to the end of the alley. You’re surrounded in complete darkness. You’re fading into it.

Do me a favor: Get up, and go look in the mirror. Now, tell me exactly what you see. Can you see how you’re all alone? Well that’s how it will stay if you keep using like you do. But look closer; see that sunken in face, with never ending bags under your eyes, all the nasty scabs all over your face? Can you see your hip bones and ribs through your shirt? Feel your hair; can you feel how thing it is now? It’s disgusting huh..?

Answer me this: Was it all worth it? Do you enjoy feeling like a piece of crap? Do you like having NOTHING to look forward too? Do you like hurting your friends and family? Do you like stealing on the daily just to get high for a little bit? Are tears streaming down your face yet? … NO! You want to know why?!

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It’s because you have NO feelings, you are HEARTLESS, you don’t know HOW to feel anymore. You don’t realize how much you are harming yourself and the others that surround you, the people that used to know you, used to care for you. Now, why would they? But you want to know what you need?

That very rude awakening called… REALITY!

Whenever you get that call, you’ll thank me. You will be glad that you’re still ALIVE, you will cherish the fact that you have the potential to gain your family and friends back, you don’t have to hide anymore. You can finally come out of the box that you were locked in, and GO somewhere in life, and then be PROUD of it. It’s really a great feeling, i promise.

Trust me; what I’m saying is COMPLETELY TRUE.

I was one of you.

I’m different now. I can; feel, love, sleep, eat, be trusted, not be scared to look at my reflection, be proud and have faight in whatever I desire to do. I feel like God looked down on me, and saw how bad I was struggling and decided to give me a new start. If you don’t stop what you’re doing now, you might never be able too. You have to WANT it, and at the time; no i didn’t WANT it… I knew I NEEDED it.

Take what I’m saying to the heart, because I’m trying to save you. This is all so true, and one day you can see for yourself.

If you do and don’t take my advice… all I can really say is…

GOODBYE, because you’re screwed..

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