Psychological Consideration and Sociological Effects of Tissue Engineering. It is hardly possible that anyone would be comfortable with the idea of their cells being used elsewhere to generate tissues for other persons that they have never met. Similarly, it would be unimaginable for one to accept tissues from other people whose character and phenotypic traits they have no idea about.

This ethical reality has significantly limited the use of tissue engineering as a tool for solving some of the medical problems of our time. Although the use of transplants has been very popular lately, tissue engineering that involves manipulation of the genetic makeup of the tissues has continued to pose a real ethical challenge. Either way, this technology has more questions to be answered than answers to give about its safety.

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The fact that almost every human belongs to some religion has not done it justice either as people use religious grounds to reject its prospects. According to literature, this technology has previously been opposed on grounds that persons with these implants would essentially be two people in one. It is the potential ridicule especially if the two sets of tissues refuse to match forcing a premature removal and eventual death.

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