Walking through the doors of the house, she pulled a piece of gum from her pocket. putting it into her

mouth so very quickly trying to get rid of the alcohol smell on her breath. You still could tell she was a

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mess by her eyes! she gloomily made her way into the kitchen . She open the door to the fridge and

grabbed a pitcher of water. She closed the door of the fridge, almost falling as she did so. She looked

across the kitchen up to see the clock that read 2:30 AM, her eyes tumbled down the floor on which was

one of the ugliest carpets. It’s shades of 70’s alvacado green with paisly embroydered into it all sorts of

colors.She found herself falling to the ground while watching the carpet . It seemed to move back and

fourth and the pitcher of water had managed to find its self all over her. Not a soul around to hear her

fall, not a soul to hear her weep, yet sh had caused her own misery and she knew it . She let out a faint

wimper and she had tears trickling down her red, flushed cheeks. Why do i do this to my self ? She was

so caught up in her life style she couldnt let go. When was the last time she called her mother? Did she

wish her a happy birthday? All her life stlye brought was a good time that went miseribly wrong. She

made her way to her feet once again, she walked down the hall and into the bath room and puked.

She looked at herself in the mirrior and said today is a new day ! Today is my day! She sat on the floor

leaning up against the door and closed her eyes and said ,” Dear, Lord I know your always listening

and I havent made the smartest choices latly but i could sure use your help so very much.” She opened

she opend her eyes and from there on she vowed to change her life. She picked up the phone and

dialed her home phone and the other line picked up . Her mom the woman said ,” hi honny.” With a tear

trickling down her face she responded , ” I love you mom.’

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