There you'll find me by Jenny B. Jones

There are some profound life-altering books one doesn’t encounter just every other day, where at the end you cannot even begin to describe what unbelievable 170 pages you read in the previous three hours at a stretch. There you’ll find me is one such book that will entrench itself in your beautiful memory. A story about finding love, god, and salvation from an overload of guilt, fear, bewilderment, defiance, and emptiness. 18 year old Finley Sinclair is the daughter of Hotel magnate Marcus Sinclair, former party girl was knee deep in the world of over-indulging. A stint at a treatment facility turned her sober enough, but just when she thinks she has it together, her elder brother Will is killed in the war in Afghanistan. Will, who had never done any wrong and had had utmost faith in His love. By some wild co-incidence, Finley embarks upon the same foreign exchange program Will had few years ago with nothing but a busy but loving host family and Will’s journal introduce her to Ireland. Not to mention pestering yet extremely beautiful Beckett Rush, teenage star vampire and heartthrob. As Finley struggles to revisit every place Will had, through her own eyes, what follows in a journey that can be unabashedly called humorous, sentimental, rough and tear-inducing. The novel had me particularly tearing up at the mention of Mrs. Sweeney, Finley’s adopted grandma, as she is described in her last two months of life, ridden with guilt and undeserving grief, Finley’s attachment to her, her hopes and tries of bringing Mrs. Sweeney righteous closure before her death. What captured my heart the most was the description of faith in God without any word sounding cheesy or ridiculous. The reason to hold on to His love, and sometimes let go of fate you couldn’t control, Finley’s final music piece, finding hope to finish it, struggling with an eating disorder, the significance of the cross Will had inadvertently sent Finley in search of, it all comes together like pieces of puzzle fitting in perfectly, and the ride, though a little rough ends up being one of the most beautiful finally.