Theodore Boone The Abduction by John Grisham

This summer I read the book “Theodore Boone; The Abduction.” This was written by award-winning author John Grisham , who usually focuses his reading towards adults/young adults. I very much this book and think it’s an overall great series. The first book “Kid Lawyer” is also a very good book. It really introduces you toTheo and April along with his school, parents, and his influence in law. Theo is a thirteen year old boy who works to get his friend back after she is abducted. The whole book is about how is trying to find her.

This book although dealing with adult situations like kid napping, was a very age appropriate book. It’s information and dialogue made it feel as if it were aimed right at young adults. The plot is really confusing at times, but if you stay with it, it makes sense. John Grisham used a very emotional tone when Theo would talk about April and her situation. The emotion makes the book deep and exciting.

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The story is easy to understand, but at the same time right when you think one thing is happening, and that will be the resolution, a whole new lead appears. The characters are very realistic and believable. They act just how kids in a small town would. I can’t really relate to any of the characters in the book, because of how unique they are.

The book is a part of a series, so the ending can’t be completely satisfying. The conflict of this book is resolved and taken care of, but something happens at the very end. A conflict from the first book is resurfaced. This is meant to entice you to read the third book and the rest of the series . I have to say it worked because I can’t wait to read the third book. The lesson from this book is complicated. It can be taken many different ways. I thought it is even if people seem okay, they might really not be. It could also be keep your friends close. I loved this book and recommend it to all readers.I give it a full five stars!

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