Do you know what teenagers really do, that most parents are oblivious to? They go to wild (usually out-of-control)parties. We could engaged in drinking, smoking, and putting unlawful substances into our bodies. It starts at this age. Once we start we cannot stop, unless we seek professional help. Unfortunately, it is just what most teens do. They experiment, they use, and most enjoy the pleasure of having a substance inside of their body. To me, it is a horrid cancer that spreads like a wildfire across the nation and world.
I can’t imagine the trouble I would get into if my parents found out that I was apart of this worldwide epidemic. I like to keep clean. I always was clean and I will forever be clean. I know some people think I’m a dork for not being part of the epidemic. They would say things like, “Oh come on, one hit won’t kill you.” True, it won’t, but it will also give you an initiation into this epidemic of horror and disgust.
It could be as simple as a hit of marijuana or sip of vodka that could turn a teen into a wild party-goer with an expiration date stamped at the bottom of his/her foot. Just one hit? I don’t think so. Many of my friends are apart of the epidemic and I see no signs of an expiration date, but it’s only a matter of time before their skin starts to wrinkle at age 20 and they have a tube hooked up to their wind-pipe at age 40. Is it fun to have a damage liver, damaged lungs, and looking like you’re sixty at twenty? I don’t think so. How about you?

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