The Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

Thrilling read

The book The Witch and Wizard was written by James Patterson. James Patterson is one of the best-selling authors of all time that has written many books for middle school students. He wrote many famous series including the Middle School series, the Maximum Ride series, the Witch and Wizard series, the Daniel X series, the Alex Cross series, and the Women’s Murder Club series.

The Witch and Wizard is a fictional book written toward middle school students. The story takes place in the present time in three different dimensions, the Overworld, the world in which we live on, the Shadowland, the world you go to when you die, and the Freeland, the only land that is not ruled by the New Order (NO). The main characters in the story are Whitford (Whit) and Wisteria (Wisty) Algood, Byron Swain, and Celia. Whit is a kind football superstar, Wisty is the lonely trouble maker that never does her work, Byron is the person Whit and Wisty hate the most, and Celia is Whit’s dead girlfriend.

In the middle of the night the Algoods are crudely wakened by the sound of soldiers marching up to their house. They are captured and taken down stairs, where they see Byron Swain. He says that the NO, the new government that has just come into power, has accused them of being a witch and wizard. Then Wisty catches on fire. Just then The One who is the One appears out of thin air and says that they are allowed to take one item with them. Their parents hand them a drumstick and a blank journal. They are taken to a court where they are accused of practicing witchcraft and that they are going to be executed once they are 18 years old. They are sent to prison where Whit encounters his old girl friend, Celia. They find out that they do have magical powers. With the help of Celia they escape the prison. They have to find their parents and free them, but instead they find themselves helping free children with the resistance. Will they find their parents or will The One capture them and kill them?

The theme of the book is to never stop chasing your goal no matter what stands in your way. The authors tone is smart and brave. Throughout the story they encounter many different problems and they are confused what to do.

I think that this book was really good and well thought through. It is filled with action, adventure, and comedy. I really like how the author speaks directly to you in some parts of the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who like adventure, action, and magic.