During the 18th century America was greatly depending on agriculture economically. This was greatly increasing through the years with large increase in the number of farms until 1950 when the number of farms started to reduce. This was because people started selling their farms and relocating to cities nearby and towns. This was after the World War 1. The soldiers who were from the war preferred to live in towns and cities since they were already used to that in Europe to going back to their farms. As the number of farms was reducing plantations were coming up. It is believed that 90% of the American economy was supported by agriculture.

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The growth of agriculture in America was seen during the first and the second world wars. This was because in Europe the soldiers were at the warfront fighting and most of them were farmers meaning that the agricultural activities had stood still thus no products from the European countries. This gave an advantage to American farmers since demand for their farm products was on the rise. They were providing food to the troops in the war. The agricultural sector in America grew rapidly during the era of the war.

The Pacific Northwest welcomed industrialization in 1840. This was on the rise after the World War 1 as discussed above especially in the years between 1910 and 1950. This was because the soldiers from the war were already used to living in the towns and cities and when they came back they sold their farms and moved to the cities and towns around. This lend to urbanization which eventually lend to industrialization. The people started working in the industries and the industries grew even larger with mechanization in the industries and also in the firms. For instance the introduction of the combined harvester increased efficiency in harvesting and also the time used in harvesting reduced.

The United States of America has gone through quite a number of paradigm shifts in various fields among them being agriculture, politics, social life and also culture. In agriculture as discussed above, has changed and evolved radically. With the agrarian revolution and the mechanization in agriculture, the Americans in the 18th century and early 19th century were depending on agriculture 90% economically (Richard White, 1992). Farming was done manually in everything in those early years. This started changing with the invention of tractors used for farming and machines for harvesting. The introduction of a combined harvester even made it easy for farmers and this contributed highly to urbanization since the people who were working in the farms moved in the nearby cities and towns.

In politics the basis was on the differences between the north and the south and the major cause of the difference was the issue of slavery where the north was against it and the south was for it. This was seen even in the senate and this led to each side trying to get more states so as to be the majority in the senate and thus win on the issue of having or not having slavery. This in the 16th century led to emergence of the major political parties in America even today and that is the republicans and the democrats.

In terms of the social life and culture, many people were migrating from one place to another. The migration involved Americans and even non Americans. This was because the nation was growing and many people especially the young wanted to grow with it. The migration led to many people learning other people’s cultures and also people from different communities intermarrying. This also led to people learning and adopting other people’s culture.

Looking at Americans from the beginning when it had 13 states only, you will find that each generation was very ambitious. When America was discovered many people went there and started agriculture in the area while others started mining. They were all ambitious that they will excel in life and the Americans especially concentrated on building the nation. It’s this ambition that made them achieve so many things in terms of agriculture, industrialization, economy and the current America that we have today. It can be noted that we have the current America courtesy of the past generations. There was believe after its discovery that America was the best place to be and that one stood a better chance to excel in life there than at any other place in the world. This led to even overcrowding of the place and especially where the land was discovered to be very fertile. The introduction of slavery also contributed highly to what America is today. They helped in plantations before mechanization. They were also the major difference between the north and the south and this led to eve civil war and later it shaped the political world of America into what we have today.

In conclusion it can be seen that the Europeans who went to America thinking that they will grow themselves and their countries paved way for Americans and even opened their eyes. They discovered that their land was Eden to them and if used well they could be the most successful nation in the world. This can be said to have been done. Other than the nation being the superpower it is also the largest nation economic wise. The largest companies in the world are Americans companies like the coca cola company.

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