The Truth of True Love

Love is truly, utmost, ill advisably and incorrectly used in today’s society. To walk around using something in a way you feel it should be used, and knowing you’re wrong is purely the state of ignorance, and blissful it is not. The incoherence of the word ‘love’ used in the context of affection for a particular other that you wish to spend your life with, is tossed around too much. It’s not that it’s a lie, it’s just a misunderstanding, and lack of a common term for the feeling.

You cannot possibly love someone you’ve known for a short period of time, and done little with. People that go to great lengths to do that, however annoying it may be, are ignorant. Not only is it ignorant to go around bragging you’re in love(I haven’t the slightest approximation of what they’re trying to prove by doing such an inept thing)but it’s also very annoying and quite stupid to make such a scene out of something that might not even last. What once you might make a huge deal out of when getting married, people (specifically adolescent teenagers, especially in highschool)take to the internet using websites such as facebook and MySpace to announce their relationship status. No, actually announce is a word far undercutting what they’re actually doing. They post over and over all over their profiles and pages “I love you too baby, I love you so much omg, omfg!” and when you ask them the curious question, “how long have you been dating them?” The answer not so surprisingly turns up as less than six-months 60% of the time. It’s not so much that their ignorance as to what love really is poses a problematic issue, but when they proceed to take to the internet their relationship status as if their showing off a prized dog that just won a dog show, it tends to annoy and piss people off at the sight of such drama. Why can’t they really be in love however?
I will tell you why, of course. It’s because simply in its absoluteness, what they’re experiencing isn’t love. It’s their emotions, walking into a misty bog it’s never been into, so you can’t see where you’re going, or how far you’ve gone. More blandly, however, it is infatuation.

You must build on love, build on it for a long period of time. If you meet someone, say you like them after a week, and love them after a year, absolutely love them with ‘all your heart,’ it may be true, but 9 chances out of 10 it is what we like to call ‘idolization.’ You cannot possibly love something you barely know, barely have experienced, and barely even stepped into the long term of the relationship. That’s what love is after all: A life long bond tied inside of your heart that keeps another person’s image inside of you forever. You can never get rid of it throughout your entire life, and the memory will always linger. The long term after all refers to a lifetime of experiences and opportunities, be they good or bad.
People are frequently now telling girls they love them often times, after having known them 2-3 months, sometimes even a week. 80% do it because it seems ‘proper’, yet a small 8% do it because they really mean it. Having known someone for 2-3 months as I had said, you can’t possibly love them. Whatever it is about them you like, you are simply idolizing it and converting it into the word ‘love,’ yet it is not that. You may of course wonder, what am I idolizing? Simple. Your idolizing the one you’re in the relationship with. Things may be moving normal for her, but your head is up in the clouds, and it is all going too fast for you, yet you think you have it all under control. Even in relationships that last up to a year, it is frequently true.

true love. Within the icy reaches of true love, your heart can swim through the cold lake of life and be cold physically, but spiritually, nothing shall get in your way. Your heart warms and melts away the eternally frozen ice shackling it upon the walls of your body, and pushes on effortlessly to its content. That is exactly what love is. No matter what, you will do anything for the one you love. No matter how hard you push, or try, to protect, impress, or love, you will never think of it as enough if it is love. You can go on for all eternity, battling on just to keep the one you hold dear close to you, if not physically, spiritually. If there is one thing I learned, love can be tough and difficult, and in the hardest times, where it seems love cannot happen due to conditions, just think about what you are saying and realize how stupid it is. Say two people are poor and in love. One has a family and one does not. The one with the family, her family does not want her lover there because of any random reason. That is stupid. We live in a world so blighted with abhorrent hate, so ebon in our eyes that it blinds us from the real picture that we should be all living in harmony. Far too long have we strung out, spreading ever farther from loved ones and ever closer to our ignorance of our own needs. Titanic was a perfect example. Jack died because he loved Rose. DIED for her. Why would he do that? Wouldn’t he really want to live out the rest of his life for her? It is the same reason as god, our lord. For he so loved the world he gave his only son’s life for our sins. Jack loved Rose so much, he sacrificed his remaining scarce time on earth for the one he loved ever so dearly. Why? Why why why? It is as I have stated. He was freezing to death in a pool of indefinite blackness, but his eyes saw through the ebon night, lit ablaze by his ever burning passion deep in his fiery heart with the desire for true love. You see, that is it too. The greatest love that can be ever shown. We shall all perish some day, ashes to ashes, then back to dust….He didn’t mind becoming dust again, just so he could spare her a lifetime of being alive. Everyone will die, so he died a little early. She would join him in heaven at the end of her life. If you think his death was very tragic, in a way it was, in a way it wasn’t. He was one of those people who are the heroes of the world. Giving their last breaths to who they love with a smile, shaking death’s hand as they meet him. They realize their time has come, and they do not back out of commitments made in order to suffice the one and only thing in their life they valued: love.