America is the land of opportunity. We are a nation of dreamers, inventors, artists, builders and go getters.There’s something for everyone who has a dream and the ambition to go after it. We stand out in achievement, rebound from failure and encourage one another every step of the way.

Have you ever asked yourself what it truly means to be free?From taking an adventurous cruise in Alaska to visiting Disney World in Florida, America is that and everything else in between.This magnificent place we call America provides opportunities.It’s hard to compare America with any other country. No one has the same amount of freedom we do and this make me proud to be an American.As a nation, we have the right to voice our opinion and not get in trouble because of it.America is the land of opportunity with few restrictions and unlimited possibilities.Iam thankful everyday for my American freedoms and because of my pride, I strive for success,whether its in the classroom, applying to colleges or on the football field.

America sets the bar high. We go out of our way to help other countries in need, often times with food and protection.We demand peace, but we also defend our country with our strong militaryAll in all, I am truly honored to be apart of a country that has freedom, independence and opportunities. I am proud to be an American!

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