The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles #2) by Rick Riordan

In a world where Egyptians Gods are not only real, but they take over human bodies as “host”, and walk along with humans in today’s society. Sibling pair, Carter and Sadie, found this out last Christmas when Horus and Isis choice them to be their hosts. After defeating Set (who possessed their uncle Amos), Carter and Side, where ready to lay low for a while. Except they know too much. See when defeating Set they realize it was not Set’s plan at all, but Apophis. If you ever read an Egyptian myth, Apophis one goal was to swallow the sun and plunge the world into chaos. So bad news, right? With their name all but black listen at the House of Life, Carter and Sadie know they have no outside support. With a prayer, they sent their tape out, hoping the other blood of the Pharaohs would find it and make their way to Brooklyn, and help them defeat chaos.

“If you didn’t listen to our first recording, well… please to meet you” The duo is back at it again with their tape message describing their latest and greatest adventure. This tape is supposed to set the record straight on what really happen, and why the House of Life should help them and not hinder them. Giving up their godly powers, Carter and Sadie are relying on their own magic, although the gods did not truly leave them fully. The Brooklyn house is getting fuller as kids from all around the world are showing up, some with powers already showing. Their first two were Walt and Jaz, a charmer and a healer, something the siblings desperately needed. Some of their students were older them (university age), but the average was between fifteen and ten, with Felix being the youngest at nine and had an undying love for penguins. The pair have their work cut out for them, besides Carter sending the penguins back from where every Felix had stolen them from, as their plan to stop Apophis involves waking up Ra. In the myths Ra was the only one to be able to defeat Apophis. Yet Ra gave up his throne because Isis (who still have pieces in Sadie) forced him to. Would the Ra they bring back be the strong, healthy king the people once knew? Or will he be a crippled old man who will not put up a fight? Either way it is the only thing Carter and Sadie know to do. With Vladimir Menshikov (a Russian magician who’s the third most powerful magician in the world), the House of Life, and Apophis tries the stop them, Carter and Sadie have to do the impossible to save their world, by bringing back the Sun God.

Rick Riordan has improved greatly from the first book. See in that Carter and Sadie were still acting scared, like kids (which they were because they are only fourteen and twelve) thus making bad heroes. Now they are trained, know what is going on, and a bit cocky at parts too. Giving up their gods was something they found extremely hard to do, but it was the right thing as that much power could go to their heads. Riordan also explains why Sadie lost her British accent in the last book stated by Carter “She’ll deny this, but after living in the States for the last three months, she was starting to lose her British accent”. Justifiable so, the next Sadie chapter hit you with so much British slang you might just want to grab some tea while reading. Still Roridan kept a good pace, easy language to understand, and kept you on edge throughout Carter and Sadie’s recording.The romance in this book picks up too, as not only does Sadie have Anbuis, but Walt is not that bad looking either. Where Sadie is off in her love triangle, Carter had one person on his mind: Zia. Yes, sleeping beauty was somewhere and Carter knew he had to find her. In his hope that this Zia would remember his Zia and what they shared together. It was a long shot, but that’s all he had. The duo is faced with their hardest challenge yet, as they try to save the world, their relationship grows stronger, and they, together, start acting like family, and start kicking some major butt, from the House of Life, Set, to finally the snake in the sky, Apophis.