As I walked through the library looking for SOMETHING to read, a certain book pertained to my interest. Now, I’m a kind of person who prefers vampires to werewolves, but I couldn’t resist the ingenuity of, The Silver Wolf. It is a fantastic book of many twists and turns and at every corner there is suspense and keep you turning the pages for the elaborate story.

This story was about a girl who despises her true self. Her own mother lived in constant guilt and was always looking for some way to rid her of the “beast” which was a desecration to gods “holy” creation. This girl, Regeane, struggled with her “other side” and didn’t know how to cope with it. It was bad enough living with an abusive uncle and, a cousin who slept with every prostitute on every street corner, but to make things worse she was to be married off to a “barbarian” and her life, along with numerous others, was in jeopardy.

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Regeane, felt that it was her indecency of her night side love that kept her mother on the brink of death and eventually her fault that she died. As if she drove her to her imminent death. She felt weak and was afraid of her uncle, she knew no way to get out of the life she was in. until she lets the wolf run free. Then she realized how truly strong and significant she really was. She combated her uncle with a fierce and strong mind learning that the only reason he EVER had control over her was because she let him. With her newfound friends and animal instinct, she trusted the silver wolf and secured the courage to defeat her uncle and maybe… to save her life.

If you are mature and don’t giggle at every sexual event, then this book is for you. If you love to read a romance novel with a good plot and story line, you are welcome to read this book. This book taught me how to accept myself for who I truly am and if other people don’t like it (like the church did not like the idea of something being both human and beast) then I shouldn’t care, but live my life, as I am, quirks and all.

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