Exquisitely written and formed, David Clements-Davies novel The Sight adds depth and personality to all of wildlife. He gives reasons to animals weird actions and gives them a voice in things while keeping the close bond of family in the mix.

In the novel, a lone she-wolf possesses an unusual ability that separates her from all the things around her. Intertwining with her abilities, Larka attempts to keep a balance with her life and protect the heavy burden she must carry to save all of humanity and all of her species and others while battling with a greater evil that she cannot control.

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This book is filled with the terror of knowing but being unable to do anything and the pangs of sudden betrayal when her brother Fell leaves her and joins with the forces that repeatedly sabotage her. Larka was not with out love either and was forced to choose between life and that love, you’ll have to read it to figure out which one she chose.

This book ends in such a tragic loss that I found myself hanging on to every word as I watched Larka make the ultimate sacrifice to save her brother from destruction, even though it meant giving up all she had. I actually felt remorse at the actions of the protagonist by the end of the book, that’s how good it was. Davies was able to create such a novel that I will never forget. Ten out of ten stars for this novel! I just loved it!

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