In the best-selling novel, The Shack, William P. Young takes you on the journey of one man’s depression, suffering, and finally the hope that he finds in the place that harbors his most horrifying memories.

Mackenzie (known as Mack by his friends and family) has what he calls The Great Sadness hanging over his head. This never-ending depression is caused by the murder of his six-year-old daughter, Missy.

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Years later, after most of the family has “moved on”, Mack receives a note. The note invites him back to the worn-down abandoned shack where his daughter was murdered. Mack has reason to believe this note is from God. He is hesitant at first, but he knows that for some reason, he has to go. What he doesn’t know, as he drives down to the shack for the weekend, is that he is leaving his current life behind.

When Mack arrives at the shack, he finds what he is looking for, but not in the way he was expecting. After you read this novel, you may not look at God the same way again. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, your personal feelings about religion, or even if you believe in God at all. This book teaches the deeper meaning of God and humans’ relationship with him while keeping the story itself dramatic and intriguing. The Shack makes you think…makes you wonder. However, while finding the true meaning of heaven and Earth, you also feel Mack’s pain and confusion relating to the death of his youngest daughter.

Mack went to the shack for answers, but he will realize they are not the answers he was expecting. Follow Mack as he finds these answers, relives his memories, and discovers things he never thought he’d find. Things that will change his life forever.

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