I was checking my twitter homepage as usual, when I noticed the new trend #TheSecretToLifeIs. I started wondering, what could be the secret to life? It took me a few minutes to realize that the secret is indeed love. I don’t mean the kind of love you feel towards you boyfriend or husband or whatever, I mean love in general. Love you feel towards your parents, best friend, or even your pet. It is sweet, unconditional love. No rules, no reasons to be, just love.
It is actually a great feeling to feel loved and valued. Without it, a person is rather like a lifeless creature, a creature that has no reason to continue. The feeling of emptiness that a person is forced to feel when unloved is unbearable, and that is why break-ups are usually difficult to deal with. However, if people started looking around more carefully, they’d realize that love doesn’t end there. Love doesn’t only come from their ex-partners. In fact, there could possibly be a bunch of people offering that person love yet unnoticed. Perhaps because we get used to that kind of love, whether friendly, brotherly, or even paternally.
Love, in all its kinds, is what keeps us going, because without it we’d find no pleasure in living. So, I’d like to take a moment to thank all those people who offer me love every single day, because you all are the reason I’m still going.