The Road by Cormac McCarthy

“They passed a metal trashdump where someone had once tried to burn bodies. The charred meat and bones under the damp ash might have been anonymous save for the shapes of the skulls” (McCarthy 150). Cormac McCarthy’s vivid descriptions of disturbing scenes are what make The Road so horrifying and gloomy. If you enjoy a suspenseful and unusual read this book is perfect.

In McCarthy’s book, he speaks of the end of the world or the apocalypse. A boy and his father are voyaging down a long road heading toward the Southern Coast where they hope to find life and happiness. The two pass many obstacles and come across life-changing scenes, and they continue to have faith that the next day may bring them somewhere safe. The boy and papa have a dependent relationship of each other. The boy is living for his father, and the father is living to help protect the boy. This is kind of ironic, because if neither of them is living for themselves, then there’s really no point in them going through so much heartache to live.
McCarthy’s style of writing is very unique. He doesn’t reveal information about the characters unless it is absolutely necessary to understand the novel. The reader doesn’t even know the real names of the characters. McCarthy refers to them as “the boy” and “Papa” throughout the book. This adds to the mysterious and eerie tone of the book which ties everything together quite nicely. There is not much voice used in this book, the way that the reader gets familiar with the characters is in their mind. McCarthy allows the reader to know what the characters are thinking.
While the characters journey along the road, they fear the cold weather and constantly look for warmth. These characters are very resourceful and make do with what they can find. If these characters were alive today they would be advanced hikers; always ready for what life throws at them. Prepared. The two keep their faith in the southern coast and hardly ever complain. These characters are the ideal hero because they live for each other and have a positive attitude.
If you are into suspenseful and distressing novels, then this book is a must. Even if you are not, McCarthy’s style of writing is very unique and interesting. Reading this novel will change the way you look at life and luxury. It would be good for everyone to read this and realize how lucky they have it.