“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela. For me, education may be the most important factor of a country?s development. The kids of a country are the future, and depending on what they are taught they will build a good future, or destroy what is left. Everyone, no matter the gender, race, sex, social class or religion has the right to free primary education. This human right is often violated all over the world, it is a problem that involves the entire world, and it had now become a global issue.

Did you know that, according to CNN, every day 7,000 highs school students drop out of school in the US? This doesn’t only happen in the US; high dropout rates are happening all over the world! Some young teenagers and kids have to abandon their education for danger, because of economic issues, because of racism, or even because of lack of parent supports. You are tired of school and you sometimes hate it, but think of those who do a great effort to go to school. Reflect on what you have and notice that you are fortunate. The lack of education is a big problem.

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In my opinion education is connected to almost any aspect of a country. Health, politics, justice, advancement, development, economy, industry, and even culture are all affected by the education kids are given. A child that was taught about diseases and how to prevent them has a higher probability of staying healthy and avoiding illness. Kids who went to school can notice problems in government structures. They can even fight against it to make a better government; they are also more likely to vote. According to the Teacher College Columbia University, college graduates are three times more likely to vote than high school dropouts. They are also more likely to get involved in a political organization. Kids who were taught can invent new technology when they grow up and make the country develop. An economy of a country is mostly based on the companies and the kids are the ones that will someday own those companies, and if they know what has to be done, they will perform a much better job. Educated people are also less likely to commit crimes and to be violent since they know how to live without harming anyone. Victor Hugo once said “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” According to the Teachers College Columbia University the US loses hundreds of billions of dollars every year because of high school dropouts. These costs are due to loss of productivity and tax revenues. More money is also wasted because there are more burdens to health care, public assistance, and criminal justice systems. In general all aspects that we think of are related to education. I think this is why a country should provide accessible education for everyone without exceptions.

Tanzanian girls know that a good education is the only way out of poverty, and they risk themselves to be able to go to school. These girls are really brave, and they give us (or at least me) an example of how valuable education is. Tanzanian girls have to live in ghettos far away from their families so they can go to school. The schools are far away in rural areas, and there is only one school for each five villages. These ghettos don’t provide safety for the girls; young girls are often harassed, abused and even raped. Could you live like this? The girls live in fear and since they cannot sleep at night for insecurity they often fall asleep during classes. Can you believe that according to the BBC news, 20% of the girls drop out of school because of pregnancy? It is believed that many of these pregnancies are because of rapes. These girls suffer every day but the only thing they want is education, and they know it is the path for a better future. Do you feel guilty for complaining about your school or your job now?

We (including me) often say we don’t want to go to school, that school is boring and we count the days until the next break. I think we should appreciate that we have a great school and that we have easy access to education because this type of problem is not only happening in Tanzania, it happens all around the world, and every single day. We live in a bubble, but we need to notice and understand what is happening in the outside world we need to help. Many people are helping including Bill Clinton and Oprah who donated money to foundations that help kids get a good education. Don’t you feel the urge to help? I know your heart is telling you to do something, so start now!

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