The Pigman by Paul Zindel

The theme of the book is guilt and blame, and lies and deceit. The audience intended for the book is young adults and the author’s purpose is to show teenagers it is wrong to take advantage of people. It is a good book that many teens can relate to.

The book is about two teenagers named John and Lorraine who are prank calling and they call an elderly man named Angelo Pignati. They trick him into thinking they are from a charity and they con him out of ten dollars. They end up leading the man on for a while, but eventually they start to respect the Pigman and they become friends with the lonely old man.

The book has a really good plot that teenagers can relate to, and the plot includes the right amount of humor where it is appropriate. John and Lorraine let their selfishness rule them and they took advantage of an old man who just wanted a friend. Mr. Pignati is a lonely old man who just wanted a friend but he was foolish to let to two teenagers rule his life. The theme is very deep and it is well portrayed through the whole book. The setting really made the book, because now-a-days people cannot get away with what John and Lorraine did.

This is an amazing book because teenagers can relate to it really well. Both John and Lorraine have really hard home lives and many teens can relate to what they are going through. The book is a great read and I would recommend it to many teenagers and adults. wouldn’t’t really recommend a child under 12 read it because it could be hard for them to understand it.

If you enjoy realistic fiction then this is the book for you. It has a wonderful theme and plot, and it is easy to understand as long as you read it carefully. It is not a book that you can just skim through and understand it easily. It is a book that can make you cry, laugh, and be mad at the same time.