What’s the perfect way to say I love you? I believe that the perfect I love you is not spoken when he is holding you close to his chest, his lips so close to your skin that you can feel his soft breath on your nose. It’s not spoken after he kisses you with his hands weaved throughout your tangled hair. The perfect I love you is not said to one another after he buys you a necklace then tells you you’re the only one he thinks about. The perfect I love you is not even spoken as you watch the way the sunrise seeps through the blinds on his windows, your head on his chest while he is waking up. To me, none of these are the perfect I love you. I believe that the most perfect I love you’s are messy and unplanned. They are spoken while you are reading him your favorite book, your eyes sparkling as your finger follows the lines on the page. They are spoken when he talks about the sport he loves, and you just can’t help but interrupt and let those three little words slip off your tongue. They are spoken when you two are laughing at an inside joke in public, both of your stomach’s aching because you can’t breath. I believe the perfect I love you is not thought out or planned, that when you really begin to love someone for who they are, you just can’t help but look at them and know that you are in love. The perfect I love you is beautiful and raw. The type of love where you are forced by some unknown force to look at them in their moments of beauty and say, “I love you”

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