“The Passage” is a book of vampires( but not like the pretty-boy vampires you find in the Twilight series) who took over North America after being the result of a medical experiment intended to find a cure for cancer gone horrifically wrong. Twelve subjects go through the experiment but do not come out human. Number thirteen, Amy Harper Bellafonte, is a different story.

What started out as a bunch of scientist trying to find a cure for cancer in the jungles of South America turned into a disastrous government experiment that nearly wiped out the human race. The first twelve subjects managed an escape one night when a worker at the facility in Colorado left the gate open and unleashed a monstrosities on the world. It took the virals thirty-two minutes to destroy the world as we know it but a new world-more like a living nightmare-was created for those who survived.

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“The Passage” is the first book of a trilogy that has yet to come out. Justin Cronin did an excellent job of capturing my attention in the beginning of the story with all of the excitement about Amy and the younger days of her life before she was part of the medical experiment. Though the author lost my attention in the middle of the book-where it seemed to drag on with dialogues of the people from the colony-he grabbed my attention once again with the drama of the attacks from the virals. Justin Cronin makes the story come alive as you are reading. With his sensory language and ways of describing events, you feel like you are entering the terrifying world.

” The passage” is a wonderful novel about a medical experiment gone horribly wrong and the twelve subjects of the experiment turning into blood sucking monsters that engulf the world leaving almost no survivors.

For those afraid to get put of bed at night this is not the book for you, but for those that are not frightened easily this novel is a thrill ride from beginning to end. I highly recommend this to adrenaline junkies and Stephen King fans.