The Fifth Grade

When my fifth grade teacher read to us everybody would sit around her to hear the fantastic sound even better. When she told us that she was going to read to us I was shocked and disappointed because she was such a fun person and it was not like her to read a book to us. It was surprised that she was going to read to us because I thought that reading was boring and she was not a boring person at all. After she started reading I knew that if you looked at reading the right way that it was not boring. I now know that it could be very fun and exciting to do. I had never read like that or even heard somebody read like that in my life. The book was The Outsiders and the way she read it was unbelievable, she had different voices for all of the characters and the situations that they were in at the time in that amazing book. When the bell rang at first I was startled because I was so involved in the book. Then the reading stopped. I did not want the story to stop then though so I asked her if I could bring it home with me. She said yes and I was so excited that I read 100 pages that night alone. When I was too tired to read on I thought that I would have to stop reading and give it back tomorrow, and then I remembered that it was Friday and tomorrow was the weekend so I could read the whole thing tomorrow. When I woke up in the morning I started reading again and finished it that same day. I gave it back that Monday. I tried to read other books but it just was not the same. No books flowed the same as The Outsiders when I read The Outsiders it flowed like a river when I went through it. About a month later I asked my teacher if I could borrow it again, she said yes but why. I did not know what to say so I just said there is not a better story than The Outsiders and she understood. She gave me the book read it that night. Then I was finally satisfied. I have read The Outsiders two more times since then and it is just as good as the first time.

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